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How Did I Get Into Jewelry?

A moment I will never forget

It was the spring of 2015. There I was, dropped in Arizona. From being a fulltime entrepreneur in Belgium to being a stay-at-home mom in the USA. Talking about an unexpected dramatic shift and life changing event.

Kids at school, husband at work, no friends, no job… Now what? The first 2 years I wasn’t allowed to work. How could I make my stay worthwhile and fulfilling?

I had been working as an integrative psychotherapist for the last 3 decades and now it was time to re-invent myself. Back to basics. Forget everything you learned and re-discover. I love beauty and working with my hands.

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Polymer Clay was the first medium I explored. I signed up for a workshop and upon arrival they informed me that it was overbooked.

Bummer. I wasn’t planning on leaving the art retreat. I was there to learn. After agreeing, they enrolled me in an advanced class silversmithing.

A moment I will never forget. Everyone was professionally equipped and there I was, an amateur first class with no tools, no experience.

The instructor, who’s name I remember vividly, welcomed me with open arms, gave me a jewelers’ saw and a piece of metal and invited me to start sawing out an organic shape.

The blade survived the challenge and I was praised being the first starter to NOT break the blade the first time. I felt proud.

And so it began, my love for metal and creating jewelry from scratch.

Veronique Benoit

Only the Best

Soul Jewelry Made With Love

As a counselor, it has always been my passion to help people discover their authentic self and find their inner peace. Therefore, it is paramount to me to connect with my clients and learn more about who they are so I can create a one-of-a-kind handmade jewel with love that touches their soul.

The materials I use are mostly Silver and/or Gold, with or without gemstones, wood, or glass. Affirmations, inspirational words, or quotes can be a part of the creation.

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Veronique Benoit Jewelry

My Happy Place

As many successful entrepreneurs I started as a solopreneur in my own garage. Since recently I renamed my workspace ‘my happy place’ where I work a full-time job which is based on my ‘creating from the heart’ philosophy.

I run my business online and hope in the future to display my craft in galleries and jewelry shops locally and globally.

Word of mouth is highly appreciated.

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