Carmen Kern

Mar 2021


Carmen Kern is a writer, photographer, and a creative soulmate. I admire her willpower and perseverance in following her passion, her dream. When we meet our creative juices explode, it feels like recharging batteries, leaving us ready to conquer the world with our art. From her pictures she creates stories, bundles them in a postcard book which inspired me to create a jewel with a completely new story. What better gift could I give her than my interpretation of her picture?

Thank you for being a great supporter and believer in my creative talent.


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  1. Carmen Kern

    Veronique completely blew my mind with this piece! I found the original artwork of the girl hiding behind her hands painted on a brick wall downtown. The mural was so emotional and I knew there was a story behind the image. So I told that story, imagining what had brought that girl to that point. It amazes me how we can find inspiration from other people’s creativity. Someone painted a mural. I took the picture and gave it a story. And Veronique created another gorgeous piece of art from silver…all from a street artist’s vision. Thank you, Veronique, for creating and gifting your interpretation of the story!

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