Terry Flores

Jan 2021


Terry Flores is an expert in communication, coaching, and a dear friend.

I chose to create a Sterling Silver pendant of her business logo because she takes care of her business and her clients as her own family and carries both deep in her heart.

Without realizing it, she opened my eyes by questioning me “If you had all the money in the world, what would you do…?”  

Without hesitation I answered:” I would pick up creating jewelry again. This gives me so much joy and peace.”

Therefore, Thank you Terry!


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  1. Teresa Flores

    Thank you for the Acknowledgement.
    I love this piece you made for me. It truly is soecial to me and you represented me perfectly. If there was ever a piece of jewelry that could capture who I was as an individual. This is it. Not only is it my logo. But every inch if this piece screams Bhadass Terry.
    It is the only piece of jewlery I wear on a regular other than my wedding ring.

    I love that you followed your ❤️ heart and touched mine.

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